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12/11 Mcintosh Drive, Mayfield West NSW

0439 582 851 

Opening in January 2024, our newest community Mayfield is already growing into one of the most welcoming and supportive communities in the local area.

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Class Timetable & Membership

Lifestyle Performance Mayfield. What an amazing space, everyone is so welcoming and makes you feel comfortable. I couldn’t recommend starting enough! All trainers are fantastic and very supportive. A special shout out to trainer Maddison Squires, her training, programming, professionalism, mental and physical support is unmatchable! Thank you everyone from LP for all the support over the years and for many more to come 💙

This place is nothing but amazing! The trainers and people who attend create such a warm and supportive environment. I am usually very anxious in group settings so only ever trained solo but was able to feel so comfortable so quickly here. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Joining Lifestyle Performance has changed my life in just a few short months. I tentatively stepped through the doors just before Christmas worried that I'd stick out like a sore thumb but I have been welcomed with open arms since that first day. Everyone from the coaches, to the long time members to the first timers are incredibly supportive and it's like my 5am family. Chad has created such a fabulous, fun environment for people of all shapes, sizes and abilities and sets them on a health and fitness journey that will set them up for life.

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12/11 Mcintosh Drive, Mayfield West, NSW

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